Hi! My name is Sneko. I'm a Colombian-American artist, writer, designer, and coder. I speak English, Spanish, and Japanese!This site showcases my work which focuses on character design and some coding work. Most recently I have been working on character art and script-writing for a game that is yet to be released.I'm passionate about D&D and would love to make a character portrait for your campaign!Any graphics and art, including the background are self-designed unless otherwise stated!You can view my in-progress coding work here.


Before requesting a commission make sure:
1. You have read all the Terms and Conditions.
2. You have acquainted yourself with the commission information and pricing page.

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Black & White Sketch

Half Body
Full Body

This is a black and white sketch.If you're making a character for the first time, I recommend this tier to serve as a reference for future drawings you may commission from others.

*prices vary based on detail/complexity of the subject

Flat Color Sketch

Half Body
Full Body

This is a flat color sketch.This is best used as a color reference for future artists you may commission from, or simply to help describe your character to your D&D party!

*prices vary based on detail/complexity of the subject

Full Color Drawing

Starts at $80*
Half Body
starts at $100*
Full Body
starts at $150*

This is fully rendered drawing with detailed coloring.Drawings at this tier work best for sites like DnDBeyond and Discord!

*prices vary based on detail/complexity of the subject


Standard Emote
Animated Emote

Perfect for your Twitch or Discord community chat, or even just as a cute icon to use as a standalone graphic in a live stream!I can accommodate multiple styles, so don't hesitate to request a specific style of emote and I'll do my best!

*prices vary based on detail/complexity of the request

*Please note price will vary if:
- No references are provided, in which case a design fee may be added
- Design features overly intricate and complex details or backgrounds
- More than one character is requested
- Style requested leans more on realism than the examples provided.
- You need a rush order
- The piece will be for commercial use
All prices listed in the Commission List are for one character only.

Please make sure to read the Terms of Service before submitting a commission request.

Terms of Services

In requesting a commission from me, you are acknowledging and agreeing to ALL of my Terms and Conditions. Please read carefully and thoroughly. Thank you!

Commission Process

1. You request a commission by downloading the character sheet template and sending it to me via Twitter DM.2. Upon receiving your request, I will quote you after discussing your commission tier and expectations.3. Once a price has been agreed upon, half payment will be requested to start the commission.4. After payment is received and the commission has been started there will be no refunds on this deposit.5. After starting the commission a preliminary rough sketch will be sent to confirm the details before moving on to the final version (for non-sketch commissions).6. Upon completion of the commission you will receive a low-resolution image with the word "SAMPLE" overlayed across it. This is temporary and is a security measure for myself and you to ensure my work is not stolen before payment and so you are able to confirm that I have completed your drawing before paying me the remainder of the commission fee.7. At this stage, the remaining payment will be requested and once it is received I will send a full-resolution image without the "SAMPLE" text overlay.8. Failure to pay the remainder of the commission fee will result in you not receiving your final image-- no exceptions. Should this occur, the first half of the payment received as a deposit will be considered compensation for my time spent and your commission will be cancelled.9. All payments will be made via PayPal and all communication will be held either via Twitter, Discord, or Email.10. Images will be signed with my logo, which I promise will be small and unassuming. You may not remove this watermark.11. These rates are not for commercial use and are for personal use only!

Copyright/Usage Policy

I, Sneko (The Artist), claim the rights to the produced piece, not the buyer. Therefore I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:
- Promote myself with it
- Publish books containing it
- Display it (social media, website etc.)
The Buyer is allowed to:
- Use the commissioned piece for personal use (post and display on social media etc.)
- Print artwork and claim character as theirs but not artwork
- Use art to promote themselves
Copyright infringement:
- Reproducing/Using the copyrighted artwork to make money
- Claiming the art as their own
- Removing signature
- Altering artwork without my consent
I reserve rights to image and its distribution unless stated otherwise or discussed

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If you're unsure on where to get started, check out this Character Sheet for prompts

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